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Rapidly turn your database or spreadsheet into a perfectly formatted catalogue, directory, price list ... or any sort of publication! CatBase is a unique application capable of saving both money and time. CatBase can rapidly convert all your data from spreadsheets and databases into a perfectly formatted and organised directory, catalogue or price list. Why spend hours - or even days - creating your publicaiton when CatBase can do the job in minutes?.

CatBase automates the publishing process, formatting the text as required, inserting images, and reating sophisticated tables. It's the easiest way to publish all kinds of catalogues and directories, such as service provider directories, yellow pages, membership directories, white pages and event listings.

CatBase works with the popular page layout programs (QuarkXPress abd Adobe InDesign) and also produces text files in various formats such as XML, HTML, and RTF.

Runs on Windows and Macintosh Single- and multi-user versions available Apply Rules to determine what data is published and how it is formatted can be scripted to add virtually any special funcitonality you require a fully functional demo is available - download it from the CatBase website!

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Here are examples of some publicaitons that were produced by CatBase. Click on a publication page to see it full-size.