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The customer portal is a secure online service for existing customers to interact with the Tenthmatrix Development and Delivery Teams. Customers can check the progress of their jobs, projects and tasks online.

Customers can view:

- Timeslips (Customers can view in real time how long exactly each task has taken/is taking as timeslips can be logged by Designers and Developers for each task)

- Payments made (Customers can download copies of their invoices and payments)

- Tasks (Customers can add new tasks, assign tasks, check progress and add notes)

- Projects

- Contacts

- Notes

- Documents (Customers can collaborate in real time and share documents with the Tenthmatrix Development and Delivery Teams)

Customer sign in
(Note: To gain access to the Customer Portal securely you will require a user name and password. If you are a new user please contact our Support Team to allow you access.)

For the technical support please visit Support Section