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Mobile applications or Apps as they are popularly known play quite an important role in today's world. First and foremost, their popularity amongst the millions of consumers is something that cannot be disputed. Apps are one of the most used software applications in mobile phones today.

Cloud devices
Nearly everyone with access to it has used them at some point or the other. However, their use isn't restricted to mere superficial purposes. Though they can be used for a variety of purposes from entertainment to practical needs, they possess a potential like none other. They can be a portal for video games or for providing the various services of a brand. Their versatility is something to admire.

A single idea can revolutionize the way people use mobile phones itself. There are still many ways to exploit their full potential for maximum efficiency. From acting as a gateway to video games to being a portal to the various services provided by a brand, Apps can be anything. It is a virtual chameleon of infinite possibilities.

As an agency specializing in new media, we at Tenthmatrix can proudly boast of a team of creative individuals proficient in all aspects of mobile apps development. If you have an idea for an App and are interested in bringing it alive, talk to us and we can make it happen.

We design and create Apps exclusively for iPhone and iPad apps. With our talented staff, we can bring your App ideas to life in a short amount of time without compromising on the quality or functionality of the product. Whether it is a widget you need or a social networking application or even a business application, we can create them for you while preserving the whole essence of the initial idea. With a keen eye on details, a mind for innovative solutions and heart for hard work, we can guarantee that you will end up with a highly efficient product right up to your standards or hopefully above them.

Mobile Access to Existing Information Systems

Mobile devices today offer a wide variety of uses ranging from basic communication needs to entertainment, internet browsing and even organizational purposes. There are many more features to utilize too, one of them being access to existing information systems through mobile devices. With today's technology, you can utilize mobile devices to access business information systems or specific modules of information systems. This particular feature is quite useful in the area of CRM, remote monitoring, ordering systems, online business data collection and even managing business procedures.

If you're looking for such a service, then stop by and talk to us. Here at Tenthmatrix, our core team specializes in providing solutions for new media applications. By enabling mobile access to existing information systems, you will be able to better organize your specific needs or purposes. Doing so will guarantee a smoother and more efficient system for conducting your business by maximizing the efficiency of select targets such as catalogue access and order processing etc. These targets however will change according to the nature of your business. By creating such a system, apart from improved efficiency, you will be able to modify it too according to your need. With our highly talented and creative team, we can ensure an effective and rewarding product specific to your needs.  

Contact us now to find our more about our Mobile Web Applications Expertise and we will let you if we can help you or not.