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We at Tenthmatrix engage in website designing with a passion. We believe in creativity and breathe life into the novel designs we create. We are proud of our expert panel of designers who have rich experience in website designing. You can rest assured that at Tenthmatrix every effort will be taken to first understand your requirement perfectly before committing ourselves to the project.

Website deisgn plan

The stages of our website design project are as follows:

Stage #1

Gathering requirements and analysing Project Specifications

Stage #2

Clarifications, Suggestions and creation of a Mock-up website

Stage #3

Website creation work after final concept approval by client

Stage #4

Submission of work deliverables, Corrections and Inclusions

Stage #5

Winding up ( Test, Test and Test ) and signing off for completions and live website launch

We guarantee you that we will come up with a totally unique design concept, keeping an eye on marketing, thereby drawing increasing numbers of customers to your business. We believe in offering unique designs and concepts to our clients, this being applied to each of our website design projects.

Whatever be the nature of your website design, static or dynamic, our team takes great efforts to get your work done on time as we know the value of time. We are specialists in all types of website designs. Please take a look at our portfolio of samples given under the “Achievements” tab.

We also suggest you read our customer testimonials to know the extent of satisfaction we provide our clients with. Tenthmatrix is a budding company that has grasped the pulse of the design industry in a remarkably short span of time and we are justifiably proud of our designs which have provided a miraculous boost to the businesses of our clients.

At Tenthmatrix, User Experience Design is made easy as we make a comprehensive study of the client’s needs, resulting in state-of-the-art architecture and prototypes. We take control over mock ups, site audit, site maps, written specifications and scenarios. It thrills us to make the customer happy by showing him/her the exact design or a virtual mock-up of the website that the client has selected. We believe that the system usability is made very easy with the concept of User Experience Design.

Our team has proved itself capable of building excellent Content Management Systems that support the created websites. At Tenthmatrix, we focus and dwell on Open source. Our team is extremely competent in all types of website designs, including static, dynamic and e-commerce websites. Our developers at Tenthmatrix take care of both the functional and the technical aspect of the website. We are very well acquainted with both User Interface and User Experience concepts.

Our developers have an extraordinary sense of team work combined with providing great attention to detail. We concentrate more on vibrant colours and use them on designs, resulting in a long-lasting impact on those who visit the website.

We also offer revisions and more variations/concepts upon request, within reason and subject to terms and conditions.

If you are looking for a great website design with all the latest features, you can rest assured your work is in perfect and competent hands. So what are you waiting for? Just fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page and you will be hearing from us immediately.